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Episode 58: Addy Schmucker & Steve Freeto

Addy Schmucker and Steeve Freeto are doing great things with GoProv and 321 Go! We talked about improv, writing, & February First Friday’s Fringe Fest being held at The Art House in Goshen, IN on... Read More
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Episode 57: Jason Stapls

Jason Stapls has been a performing comic for 3 years. He knows all the comics and all the cool things to do in the South Bend area. We did a lot of name dropping in... Read More
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Episode 56: Colton Cole

It was great getting to know Colton Cole. He has a goal to be a world renowned comic. I think his drive and talent will get him there. We had a great talk about comedy,... Read More
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Episode 55: Lalo Cura

Raphael, Sonny, Sam, & Adam from Lalo Cura sat with me in their studio for a great interview. We talked about how the band was formed and their new album; Suenos. Check out the video... Read More
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Scott & Josh Show #1

This is the first installment of the Scott & Josh Show! Josh Mandell joins as cohost and we talk about South Bend, escape rooms, & all things Michiana. Read More
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Episode 54: Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace and I talk about metal, rock music, and pro-wrestling. Mike is a great guy and a great musician. His song “Curtain” is featured at the end of the interview. Read More
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Episode 53:Patrick Roberts from Veseria

Veseria is a great 4 piece rock band from Indianapolis. I am a big fan and was excited to talk to Patrick about the band and the new album, RLTVTY. Check out Veseria at Ignition... Read More
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Episode 52: Dirk Handlin

I’ve been doing comedy for a year and a half. So, why not interview some comics one on one? Dirk Handlin gave me my first opportunity. Dirk is performing comedy as a hobby but still... Read More
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