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Episode 49: Curt Heckaman

Curt Heckaman is a big part of Everybody Has a Story in South Bend. Even though he lives in Canada, he is continually working with some great people to help raise funds for South Bend... Read More
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Episode 48: Myles Robertson

It’s always great catching up with Myles Robertson. He puts a seemingly endless amount of energy into making South Bend a better place and letting people know how great it is. We talked about the... Read More
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Episode 47: Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones started formulating soaps & lotions for her problem skin. She then decided to offer these products to the public. Hear her story and some tips on skin care in this episode. Check out... Read More
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Semi-Regular Semi-Awkward Comedy Roundup: Episode 4

Jim Kliss, Mike Hullinger, Genesis Easton, Patrick Fowler, & Jason Stapls joined me in the studio for some funny and serious talk. It’s probably the only podcast available where you can hear about Bill Paxton,... Read More
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Episode 46: Kirk Saffle

Kirk Saffle and I talked about his relatively new music career and how he went from writing a few songs to booking gigs to recording an EP. Check out Kirk here:   Read More

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Comedy is not Pretty

The title of this post is borrowed from the title of Steve Martin’s comedy album released in 1980. It’s a fitting title for this collection of words. I have always loved comedy and comics. The…

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