Jacob Titus is an up and coming photographic artist in South Bend. I met Jacob at The Collective which is held at South Bend Brew Werks and liked him and his work instantly. Jacob works full-time for a non-profit then spends his free time taking beautiful pictures. He is also very passionate about the people and culture of South Bend. Whenever there is something positive going on in South Bend, you will see Jacob there helping or documenting the event on film. I am excited that Jacob was accepted to participate in the 2016 installation of The Birdsell Project. I am including a picture of a photograph of Jacob’s that I purchased for my daughter. It really does not do his art justice but I believe you will get an idea of Jacob’s talent. Jacob is another young person in our community that spends his time making a positive difference and I’m proud to know him.


You can follow Jacob on Instagram and stay tuned for his website coming


Check out The Birdsell Project here:

Birdsell Project

Letters From Earth is a local indie rock band consisting of Amy VanDyke, Joe Archer, Nathaniel Fredrick, & Kyle Ray. I had a great experience talking to them about the origins of the band, their songwriting process, and the artwork for their “Planet Nine” EP. This is an awesome band with multi-talented musicians who don’t let ego get in the way of making music. Make sure to listen to their live performance of “Near” right after the interview.

Check out their Facebook page here:


Listen to their “Planet Nine” EP (and buy it) by clicking the picture below:


Jason Samuel is a a force of nature. 13 years ago, he took 91.1 The Globe from a Classical music format to and Americana/Indie Rock format. He met with some resistance and hit a few bumps in the road. Before we started the interview, Jason had to clear his desk of the last 20 or so award plaques the station and students had recently won. You would think that after winning over 300 state, regional, & national awards, that Jason would just go into “coast” mode and let the radio station’s stellar reputation do all work. Not Jason Samuel, he is always looking forward never resting on his laurels. In this student-run radio station, it’s obvious those students adore Jason and it took me about 2 minutes to understand why. Please tune your FM dial to 91.1 after listening to this episode and you will understand why The Globe is special. While you’re at it, check out The Globe’s website below, and maybe donate a few bucks to their one and only pledge drive of the year.






My conversation with Nalani Stolz & Myles Robertson was very uplifting to say the least. They started the Birdsell Project in 2014 with the idea to take unused and underused spaces in the South Bend area and make them available for artists to showcase their work. Their vision of creating beauty from decay continues to showcase local and national artists with their new installation opening this summer. It is exiting to talk and learn from young people who are dedicating all their free time to help and beautify our community.

Make sure to check out their website and Facebook page so you can attend events and see the good work they do:




I’m putting up my interview with Justin Maust the day I did the interview so we can get word out about his upcoming event . The event is called Lead Michiana and will be held at the Century Center from 8AM to 12PM on Friday, May 20th. I met Justin at a luncheon and as soon as I heard him speak, I knew I wanted to have him as a guest on the podcast. Since the Lead Michiana event is just around the corner, we made time in our schedules to record the interview and get it out so you can get registered. This interview is so positive that I believe it will set you up for a great week and if you come to the Lead Michiana event, you’ll be set up for a great year! The website with all the info about the Lead Michiana event is at the link below. Make sure to use the code “LEADER” when you signup for the event to get $30.00 off your ticket. Just click on the Lead Michiana picture below to learn more:


What a great conversation with Drew! I learned why a talented young man with a new MBA from Notre Dame decided to put his roots down in South Bend instead of taking a high-paid job in Seattle. Drew is a principal of South Bend Brew Werks in downtown South Bend and their mission statement is “Building a Stronger Community One Brew at a Time”. There is a great deal of South Bend’s history represented in the furnishings at SBBW and I learned about the origins in our interview. We also talked about Drew’s brewing “mistake” that turned out to be a big hit. Take a listen and be inspired!

Keep up to date with all the events happening at South Bend Brew Werks on their Facebook Page here:

South Bend Brew Werks

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