Aaron Sandock’s  Jelly art blew me away when I saw it the first time. When I sat down to talk to him, I found out that Aaron was as deep and fascinating as his art. In this episode, you wll learn a little about the process Aaron uses for his art and a lot about how it has changed his life for the better.

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Aaron Sandock Jelly

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I had an amazing conversation with Roger about how telling stories is part of our DNA and surprisingly therapeutic. It was refreshing to hear what a passion Roger has for storytelling and how it has changed his life. He is dedicated to bringing the same results he has seen to everyone through his workshops. Roger has workshop coming on on 6/26 (This Sunday) at Morgan’s Little Black Dog at the 100 Center in Mishawaka. Here’s a direct link to more info on the workshop:

Indigan Storyteller Workshop

Here’s a link to the Indigan Storyteller website:

Indigan Storyteller Website

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Jeff Harrison is living his dream by bringing great live music to South Bend. Jeff reopened the popular 70’s club, Vegetable Buddies to give local, regional, & national rock & blues acts a place to play. He did not skimp on the stage or sound system. If you go to VB, you will hear music like it is supposed to be heard. Jeff & I share a love for music and most important: Live Music! This was a great interview. Make sure to catch a show at Vegetable Buddies. You can check their schedule on the FB page below:


And at their website:

Vegetable Buddies

My interview with Kevin & Abby from The Ember Jar went many different directions and was always enlightening. They draw their music from a broad range of influences which makes it truly unique. They talk about how they met at an open mic that Kevin was hosting, Abby’s overcoming stage fright, and the heartbreaking loss of the master copy of a track they were ready to release earlier this year. Take a listen and send them some positive thoughts as they travel to perform in New York City for the first time this week.

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I had a great talk with Jackie, Jennifer, Laura, & Anekah from The State Theater in South Bend. These ladies are making a tremendous effort to keep The State Theater open in hopes that they may be able to purchase and renovate it to it’s former glory. Listen to their story then make sure to like their Facebook page to be notified of events. Keeping The State open and getting it restored is really a no-brainer considering all the good that is currently happening in Downtown South Bend.

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South Bend Indiana State Theater

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This episode is dedicated to reviewing the music I heard Thursday-Saturday this week. I heard some great bands and want to make sure word gets out so you can enjoy them too!

Shout out to the venues:

Seitz & Sounds

Lasalle Kitchen & Tavern

Ignition Music

Big shout out to the bands reviewed:

Letters From Earth

Paul Erdman

Kari Lynch


Shiny Shiny Black