It was great to talk with Nat & Joel from Spaceships. I had been listening to “Dry Bones”, the teaser track from there new LP “Son of Man” and really liked it. We talked about the work involved in releasing an LP, music genres, and Millennials.

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“Son of Man” Preorder

I had listened to and liked a couple Shiny Shiny Black tunes before I started the podcast. I became a super-fan after seeing them live at Ignition Music in Goshen. Their nusic is about real stuff, real feelings, and real concern for the world. Amber & Nate Butler were wonderful to talk to and I hope we can get back together when I have full batteries in my recorder.

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Shiny Shiny Black

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Paul Erdman & Trey Gray are two of the most talented musicians in the Michiana area. We talked about how they met, being tall, & Russell Crowe. Yep, Russell Crowe. Check this out, it’s a great ride!

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Paul Erdman Band

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Jess & Jake love making music and their harmonies are second to none. It’s great to hear a group with two songwriters and hear the different perspectives. This was an engaging interview. Hope you like it! You can get their new album “Light Will Travel” today! Check out the link below and give it a listen:

Light Will Travel

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Emily Herriot launched Triple-P (Positive Parenting Program) in 2015. This program is a great resource for parents with children ages 0-teens who help or just want to get the tools to help them be the best parents they can be. This was a great conversation and I recommend listening for anyone who is, will be, or has been a parent.

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