I’ve been doing some open mics when my schedule permits. In the process, I’ve met some very fun comics. I thought it would be a good idea to do something to showcase local comics in a panel discussion about stuff. This is that. I’ll be doing this on a semi-regular basis (as stated in the title) so that new local comics can come in and give their perspectives. My inaugural comedy roundup featured Chris Rahe and Jim Kliss, two very funny comics who both came from a good distance to be on the show.

This episode has mature language and mature themes. If you don’t like that kind of stuff, skip it and come back for my next interview.

You can find Jim Kliss and his podcast, 2 Guys, a Girl, & a Goblin here:

Everyone’s Got a Thing

You can find Chris Rahe at local open mics and as a featured performer at The Drop Comedy Club

Marshall King’s “Dining Ala King” column appears in the Goshen News and South Bend Tribune every week. In this episode, we find out how Marshall started his foray into food writing and where he’d like to go next in his writing career. This was a fun interview. It was cool to meet the guy who inspired me to eat at some of my favorite local restaurants.

You can always find Marshall’s latest articles here:

Hungry Marshall Website

Marshall is very prolific on Twitter as well:


And, check out his Facebook page here:


Linsay Kelly & Rus Stanford make up the musical duo Linsay & Russell John. We find out how they met and how Rus was steadfast in his efforts to get them to make beautiful music together. We also learn that they are not married to each other! Rus is happily married and Linsay is happily single. Keep listening for an exclusive rendition of “Every Now and Then” at the end of the episode.

Jenni Miller is a great local artist, band manager, art curator, and has many other important jobs in the South Bend community. We talked about all those along with her growing as a person and all the people who have touched her life. We also learned some great things about Langlab in South Bend. That is an inspiring story by itself.

Jenni is the first artist to be featured on my “Hang Some Art On My Wall” effort. details about the picture currently hanging in my studio are below.


“Miss Lady Bird”

Mixed media collage with paper & acrylic


Price = $250

Check out Jenni’s Facebook Page:


And her Instagram:



Cathy Dietz has been giving us the great Seitz & Sounds concerts every summer at Seitz Park in South Bend for four years. She is also a big advocate for the arts in South Bend. Find out about the South Bend Museum of Art and the Artist Mixer coming up on 10/7.

Check out what’s going on at South Bend Museum of Art here:

South Bend Museum of Art

Check out their Facebook page here: