I had the pleasure of having Katie Neece come to the studio to talk about her art. I made the observation that I thought her art was a kind of Sci-Fi/Gothic style and Katie agreed. Katie is not only making great art but is also teaching art to local students. She also won the Judges Award for her piece “Continuum” which is on display at the Notre Dame Center For Arts & Culture through December 19th. Katie also brought two great paintings to hang in my studio for a little while. These pieces are for sale. You can contact me at scott@michianapeople.com for dimensions and pricing. The cell phone picture below does not do these pieces justice but will at least give you an idea of the scope of Katie’s art.

Neece Art

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Katie Neece Art

Ed Marshall started taking pictures of vintage trucks in 2014. Now he is a featured artist in an art gallery in Buchanan, MI. Find out how he got there and how he is now pursuing his writing passion.We talked about thinking our life is going one way and how it takes many unexpected turns. A subject that we can both relate.

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This was originally episode 24. I did a “Special Double Upload” with Starheart as the first interview and Paul Erdman as the second. Because Paul Erdman was the last up, it got a lot more downloads than Starheart. It’s been bugging me and I want to make sure Jake & Jess get the exposure they deserve. This was a great interview and Jess & Jake played a beautiful song too! If you missed it, give it a listen. If you liked it, give it another listen.