Why Music Lovers Should Donate to Ignition Music Garage

October 18, 2016

I believe the subject matter of this post is self-explanatory from the title. Let me first tell you about my experience Ignition Music Garage. Several years ago I found a band called Sons of Bill. I could write another article on them but to make a long story short; they are the first band to get me excited about music since my teen years spinning Who albums with my headphones on until dawn every weekend. While checking their tour schedule, I saw they were playing in Goshen, IN! Some place called Ignition Music. Now, I work in Goshen but had never heard of the place. I checked out their website and bought my tickets for the Sons of Bill show. I learned that Ignition Music was a record and stereo equipment store by day and a music venue by night.

I ventured over there after purchasing my tickets to see what the place was all about. While I was there, I chatted with Steve Martin, owner and resident musical genius at Ignition Music. I have to say that when you start talking music with Steve you should be prepared to be talking for a while. Steve knows his stuff and loves to share. I told Steve that I had given up searching for new bands to love a long time ago because of the proliferation of crap in the music world. He agreed but gave me about 6 artists to check out based on my musical tastes. I obviously loved them all.

My wife and I along with another couple experienced the Sons of Bill show at Ignition together. I am a live music lover and have seen more shows than I can count in some great venues. The experience of seeing Sons of Bill at Ignition Music Garage became my hands-down favorite show of all time. Steve Martin has put together the perfect live music experience. The venue is intimate, holding around 130 people, the acoustics at Ignition are some of the best I’ve heard, and the band is right there about 6 feet from the audience. After the Sons of Bill experience, my wife and I decided to make Ignition Music a habit. We really didn’t care if we knew of the band that Steve booked. We knew if Steve liked them, we would too. Artists previously unknown to us like Amy Lavere, Shannon McNally, The Harpoonist & Axe Murderer, and many others came to Ignition Music to play and we were fortunate enough to be in the audience. I already said this but it bears repeating: Ignition Music Garage is the perfect venue for live music and Steve Martin brings in the best artists for the venue.

So, now Steve wants to turn it up to 11. I’ll use the words from the campaign page for Making a Scene: Build the Stage:

Our event revenue has increased 50% so far this year because Ignition produced two outdoor shows at Goshen Brewing Company. Our first show in The Goshen Theater is scheduled for October 20, 2016. New venues and concert series are also launching in the larger South Bend market. This is a sign that the audience is out there. The question is how do we get that larger audience to try out Goshen’s scene? Goshen Funded is important to us because it aims to support the whole downtown entrepreneurial ecosystem.

High quality music, whether live or recorded, moves people. The shared experience of a live performance when music and the audience come together creates a magical feeling. Here at Ignition we pride ourselves on providing the stage where the magic can happen.

Building a Stage

The stage exists as more than a physical space. The stage is a metaphor for local creatives to produce their art from a platform in Goshen, Indiana. By connecting artists to more fans we advance the artists, Ignition, and the community.

Our plans are to record high quality audio and high definition video from Ignition Garage, and offer digital distribution. We feel it is critical to bringing in younger fans. By moving into the digital realm, we’ll connect with new music fans, and hopefully show the magic that happens when musicians and their songs connect with an audience. We believe that video and online music can be the first connection point between a listener and an artist. If the song and performance are compelling, a new fan is created.

Building Artists’ Careers

FiveCore Media, from Goshen College has been contracted to produce the first program, a film about the release of Wilson Reservoir’s new album, “The Last Will & Testament of Buck Baker”. The record is scheduled for a September 30 national release. The short film will be part of the promotion of the new album. Nate Butler of Nimble Wit Productions will be the Production Manager, Recording Engineer, and Music Producer for the project.

Please consider an investment to help us build a larger stage and create our own media content to expand the Ignition community to a new larger fan base.

It’s a great idea! Here’s where you come in: Donate as little as $10 to make Make a Scene: Build the Stage happen. Why? Because you’re a music lover. Steve is helping the underdogs of the music business here. He’s helping the indie artists that are living gig to gig get the exposure they deserve. Wouldn’t you like to say you were part of that? Wouldn’t it be great if one of the bands featured in an Ignition Music produced film made it big and you could say you helped?

I know there are endless campaigns out there that want/need your money. You can’t support every cause. I know that. However, if you are want to support the indie music scene in a big way, this is the one for you. If you want to do some research before investing, check out my interview with Steve Martin here:

Michiana People Podcast: Steve Martin

Check out the campaign page here:

Making a Scene: Build the Stage

Or, drop in to Ignition Music Garage on Washington St in Goshen and ask for Steve. If you’re not fired up after a conversation with Steve Martin, you should check in with your doctor.

Lastly, go to Ignition Music Garage, find a show, and get tickets. You will experience the treat of a lifetime.


Peace, Love, & Wonderful Music,

Scott Curtis

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