What’s this podcast all about anyway?

April 12, 2016

So, a lot of folks are asking me why I started The Michiana People Podcast and what it’s all about. If you’ve listened to the first six episodes, I’m sure you realize that I’m talking to everybody who will talk to me about anything. I’ve talked to people running for political office, dog groomers, musicians, etc. The common denominator in all my inteviews is “PEOPLE”. I’m on a constant search for people in and from the Michiana area who are making a difference, bringing value, making great music, and making Michiana great. I really don’t care what your passionate about as along as you can articulate your passion and give my listeners a nugget or two of wisdom that will enhance their lives and their appreciation for what you bring to our community.

I wasn’t aware of the time commitment I was getting into starting a podcast. Every half-hour episode translates into 2-3 hours of editing, recording intros, inserting meta-tags, uploading, rechecking sound quality, and on and on. Now, I’m not complaining. It’s actually a lot of fun and the learning curve is decreasing as I go. My first intro took 23 takes and a lot of cussing. My last intro took 2 takes and no bad words were said! I’m also running a race to keep up with all the people who want to talk to me. I thought the hardest part of the show would be to get guests. I’m actually getting a big “YES” from 80% of the people I ask for an interview. The icing on the cake is I already have great people contacting me with an interest to be on the podcast. My original goal was to be able to produce 1-2 podcasts per month. I now have enough interviews recorded to get one podcast per week out to you for the next 4 weeks and more interviews waiting to be done! I’m humbled by the response of the community. We’re currently sitting at about 500 total downloads of the podcast. I think that’s phenomenal since this podcast has only been in existence for 4 weeks. Thank you for your support so far! Please tell your friends to listen so I can bring content that you want to here.

My hope is that this podcast will give a voice to the people who help make Michiana a better place and give the listeners inspiration to find a way to make a difference in their own way. Let’s face it; this podcast is my way of dealing with mid-life crisis. With my daughter getting married and my son graduating college on his way to grad-school, I gotta get a hobby. So, sit back and listen to the best people Michiana has to offer. You may learn something and get a little inspiration. There’s nothing wrong with that!


I welcome your feedback, comments, & suggestions for guests and topics. You can contact me directly here:

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