I talked to Valerie Schey about Michiana Meatless Mondays (Next on at Tapastrie in South Bend on March 4th) and Veg Fest (April 14th at Century Center). It was great to get better understanding that going plant-based not only helps us but also the environment and animals.

I had a short conversation with Dave Vandyke about the Songwriter & Storyteller Showcase at Box Factory For The Arts on February 2nd in St Joe, MI.

Kirk Saffle’s new “Pain And Passion” EP is one of the favorite collections of music I’ve heard this year. This is a short review/preview. If you’d like to attend the EP release party on 9/21 at the Acorn Theater, you can get tickets at the link below:


Ignition Music in Goshen, IN is having a Comedy Night on June 2nd. Steve is organizing, Joni is supervising, and Chris & I are along for the ride. We talked about lots of stuff including karaoke, Lenny Kravitz, & pants! Come out to the event and listen to this podcast. There’s a special message in the intro!

Get tickets for the Comedy Night and all of Ignition’s other great shows here:

Ignition Music