I talked to Valerie Schey about Michiana Meatless Mondays (Next on at Tapastrie in South Bend on March 4th) and Veg Fest (April 14th at Century Center). It was great to get better understanding that going plant-based not only helps us but also the environment and animals.

I had a short conversation with Dave Vandyke about the Songwriter & Storyteller Showcase at Box Factory For The Arts on February 2nd in St Joe, MI.

I’ve been doing comedy for a year and a half. So, why not interview some comics one on one? Dirk Handlin gave me my first opportunity. Dirk is performing comedy as a hobby but still puts a lot of effort into getting it right. We talked about his college football days and some of his hilariously obscene pictures.

Ashley Moore had been working in the childcare industry for 10 years and saw a problem. She was spending too much time finding employees who were qualified and passionate about childcare. Ashley decided to fix the problem by creating Moore Allies, a childcare staffing company that finds and trains childcare employees for all the local childcare facilities. This is a great story about a good idea becoming a great business.

Curt Heckaman is a big part of Everybody Has a Story in South Bend. Even though he lives in Canada, he is continually working with some great people to help raise funds for South Bend Schools in need. Everybody Has  Story brings us shows with great local musical acts and donates the proceeds to a school each year so that teachers will have the items they need to teach their students.

Check out their June 10 event at Martha’s Midway Tavern: