I had a wonderful talk with Grant Carlile. He has been involved with Michiana First since he was in his robotics team at Penn High School. Michiana First is dedicated to supporting and creating competitions for area school robotics teams. They help students gain critical thinking and leadership skills that they take into adulthood. Grant is also the founder of Run For Phil which connects philanthropic running with the right tools, all in one place. Grant was a real pleasure to have as a guest and great guy to talk with. Make sure to connect with Michiana First and Run For Phil through the links below:

Run For Phil Website

Run For Phil Twitter

Run For Phil Facebook

Michiana First Twitter

Michiana First Facebook

I had an amazing conversation with Roger about how telling stories is part of our DNA and surprisingly therapeutic. It was refreshing to hear what a passion Roger has for storytelling and how it has changed his life. He is dedicated to bringing the same results he has seen to everyone through his workshops. Roger has workshop coming on on 6/26 (This Sunday) at Morgan’s Little Black Dog at the 100 Center in Mishawaka. Here’s a direct link to more info on the workshop:

Indigan Storyteller Workshop

Here’s a link to the Indigan Storyteller website:

Indigan Storyteller Website

And, here’s a link to their Facebook page:


I was fortunate to have Dave approach me to be on the podcast. Dave was a teacher in the South Bend School system for 15 years and is now an administrator. Dave is also an accomplished musician and has written some beautiful music. His live rendition of “143 Means I Love You” just about had me in tears! We talked about his music, teaching, today’s kids, & why his 105 year old grandmother declined an invitation for induction into the Daughters of the American Revolution. Don’t shut down your podcast app after the interview. There is a bonus track of his ode to Evel Knievel. This interview is a real gem!