Being busy and sick left me with no guest this week. I took the opportunity to talk about why & how I started the Michiana People Podcast, did a retrospective of the episodes to date, and threw out some ideas for the future. This podcast has meant a lot to me mostly because of the inspiring people I’ve met. I hope you have gained some knowledge and inspiration as well.


Paul Erdman & Trey Gray are two of the most talented musicians in the Michiana area. We talked about how they met, being tall, & Russell Crowe. Yep, Russell Crowe. Check this out, it’s a great ride!

Check out Paul’s website here:

Paul Erdman Band

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Jess & Jake love making music and their harmonies are second to none. It’s great to hear a group with two songwriters and hear the different perspectives. This was an engaging interview. Hope you like it! You can get their new album “Light Will Travel” today! Check out the link below and give it a listen:

Light Will Travel

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I had an amazing conversation with Roger about how telling stories is part of our DNA and surprisingly therapeutic. It was refreshing to hear what a passion Roger has for storytelling and how it has changed his life. He is dedicated to bringing the same results he has seen to everyone through his workshops. Roger has workshop coming on on 6/26 (This Sunday) at Morgan’s Little Black Dog at the 100 Center in Mishawaka. Here’s a direct link to more info on the workshop:

Indigan Storyteller Workshop

Here’s a link to the Indigan Storyteller website:

Indigan Storyteller Website

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